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Chibi Werefuu!: Aksu by AdmiralBoo


Sleepy Aksu by AdmiralBoo

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Best Friend Thing/Sister Thing/No I don't know what I'm on about just take my love:

Amazing People I Love So Much:

People I Absolutely Adore:
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Thank You!

Even if I don't directly thank you, I appreciate every watch and favorite!

Although I'll always reply to comments. //shot.

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Yeah, some fandoms have some rabid fans that may go too far, but so what?
Just because some people go too far, doesn't mean the entire fandom does, so don't hate on people just because they like something you don't.

I watch Naruto--But I don't wear a headband everywhere and claim to be a ninja, but I respect that some people do.

I've watched My Little Pony--And I enjoyed it, and draw ponies, but that doesn't make me a brony, however I don't mind if you are.

I draw Anthro/Furry---That doesn't make me a furry, but I have friends who are.

I enjoy Yaoi--- But I won't shove it in your face and try and force you to like it, too. Two of my characters are homosexual, don't like? I respect your opinion, please respect that I have my own.

We all like different things, and opinions are going to differ.

I respect your interests and opinions, so please respect mine.

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Contact Me!

Feel like contacting me?
Here's a few surefire ways of connecting with me!

On DeviantArt:
:bulletblue: Send me a note!
:bulletblue: Drop me a comment or shout just down below!

Other Websites:
:bulletblue: My Goatlings is AdmiralBoo!
If you'd like to join Goatlings, use this referral link: Here!
:bulletblue: My Weasyl is AdmiralBoo!
:bulletblue: My Furaffinity is AdmiralBoo!
:bulletblue: My Pottermore is GhostWolf1121!

Instant Messaging:
:bulletblue: Add me on Skype!
(Be sure to tell me you're from Deviant and your username on Deviantart in the friend invite, or I might accidentally decline!)
To add me type in destinigoddamndawn into the Skype name section.

:bulletblue: PlayStation Network: MythScript!
:bulletblue: Steam: BooShii

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My DeviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:41 PM

I've been on DeviantART for about three years now. I'd originally joined under a different account (which has since been deactivated), but never posted anything on it!

Well, that was really because at the time I only drew traditionally, and never had a scanner or a decent camera to share with... so I left DeviantART.

A year or two later, my dear friend Nyantawn, who I have known for years, began showing me DeviantART again. (Although she will tell you I'm the one who got her on here, it was the other way around!) Honestly, I think we both just urged each other into sharing our art more.

Gift Art: Sadao Shoku *Speed Paint!* by AdmiralBoo

(Above image was a gift for Nyantawn!)

She's shown me so much support and love over the years we've known each other, and supported me here on DA more than anyone, and I've got to watch her improve herself more and more as she goes as well, which was incredibly rewarding in itself.

Not long ago, I began watching an account that led me to make many new and interesting friends that I truly enjoy talking to (even if it's a bit seldom lately!) Some of them include KurosuAi, Kitsune-no-Suzu, StyxLady, and there was many more (but it's a lot to list!). After this development I found it much easier to communicate with the people of DA (as I have a very hard time talking to new people!), and felt incredibly more confident in both my people and art skills, and it has further allowed me to improve.

Com: Cuddly Ponies for ApriI by Kitsune-no-Suzu

(Art by Kitsune-no-Suzu that I find absolutely adorable!))

Contest Entry - Niraj by KurosuAi

(Art by KurosuAi that really stuck out at me when I saw it!)

'Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls' by StyxLady

(Art by StyxLady, of her ponysona, and one of the first artworks I remember from her!)

And not long after that (I suppose only a few months ago), another of my IRL friends decided to join the community, and I couldn't have been happier! Turquoiise was an awesome addition (although a little inactive) to my DA friends list as well!

Gift: Turquoiise by AdmiralBoo

Quinn and Ashlyn by AdmiralBoo

(Art above were quick gifts done for Turquoiise, a very beloved friend!)

The Unidog. by Turquoiise

(This was one of her first digital works that she decided to keep, and I'm very happy she did and I'm excited to watch her improve!)

And that brings us to now, where my DA story will continue, and I hope to meet many more friends and continue to improve along the way!

Gift Icon: Sadao by AdmiralBooPersonal Use: Sonya Icon by AdmiralBooGift: Turquoiise by AdmiralBoo
(Above icons are to the three IRL friends, Nyantawn, Myself and Turquoiise!)

Journal Skin by taeliac | taeliac-stock


May I use your works?
-Unless my deviation says "Free to use" or "Pay to use" then no. Even if you're allowed to use it, I require credit!

I commissioned work from you, am I allowed to repost it/use it?
-Of course, but please don't remove my watermark, and only repost to DeviantART, Weasyl, or Furaffinity.

Do you take requests?
-Usually I do not, but the odd time I do a stream I will!

Can we do an art trade/collaboration?
-Sure! Feel free to note me and we'll talk! (:

Why are you only accepting ____ commissions?
-There are times where I don't feel like drawing something, and will limit what I accept for commissions as I know I'll procrastinate if it's something I don't have inspiration for. So sometimes I only accept certain commissions, like ponies or anthros and not humans etc.

I noticed your "Adoptables/YPH/YCH" are always OTA or Auctions! Why is there never any set prices?
-Honestly, I'm just really bad with prices. ;^; So I wouldn't expect any set prices aside from my commissions from me. And I also find auctions very fun, and it's incredibly exciting to see a new bid!

How do I get on the "People I love so much"/"People I absolutely Adore" lists?
-Be an amazing person if we talk! No one asks to be on those lists, it's just people I've grown to really like!


:icondigitalyuki: :iconeventideponies: :iconxx-kitten-stichez-xx: :iconturquoiise: :iconkawoshln:


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